Meet Your January Instructors, Abigail Browning & Adam Speen

“Lindy Hop is about partnership–hearing the cues in your partner’s body and connecting them to the music. Through this class, Aba and Adam will expand the role of following and leading through connection, rhythm, and collaboration! Don’t miss out on this chance to learn how to become a follower’s favorite leader, as followers themselves develop their voice through creativity and musicality.”


Abigail Browning is well known and loved throughout the Lindy Hop and balboa community for her consistently crisp and spot on  footwork and flawless connection and frame.  Check out this video and you’ll see why we can’t think of any other instructor we’d like to have come in and share her secrets:

Of course, many of you are probably already familiar with Abigail through her playfully choreographed “Gangbusters” routine she taught at DC’s famed Jam Cellar.

Meanwhile, Adam has been dancing Balboa since 2006, studying under many of the prominent instructors worldwide. He challenges himself to improve by competition but mainly enjoys social dancing. In the classroom, Adam offers his own experiences and knowledge in order to foster a creative and comfortable learning environment. He believes that social dancing and individual innovation are paramount in a dancer’s education.

Their lesson runs from 6:30 till 8 and then we’ll all be grabbing a quick dinner down the block at Cogan’s Pizza before coming back to do some Stomping at the Southside!


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