Richmond’s 2nd Saturday Swing’s 10th Anniversary Dance

The Southside Stomp congratulates our big sister dance in Richmond on 10 great years of keeping Virginia swinging!

The Usual Lindy Suspects’ part-time historian was checking the archives and discovered the 1st Second Saturday Swing Dance was held way back in December 2000 and probably looked like a smaller version of this national competition:

To celebrate, we’ll all be car pooling to this month’s Second Saturday dance at The Dance Space (6004 West Broad Street Richmond, VA) on Saturday, April 9th.

The dance will feature the hard swinging music of Raleigh’s Atomic Rhythm All-Stars with vocalist Laura Windley plus band breaks with music supplied by nationally-renowned DJ Bill Speidel!
The Atomic Rhythm All-Stars are a 7-piece band dedicated to recreating the sounds of the 1920’s and 30’s. Their three horns, three rhythm, and one vocal lineup faithfully recreate the red hot jazz bands of the mid-late 1920s and early 1930’s and they’ve become a favorite of swing dancers in the Raleigh-Durham area. This will be their first foray to the Commonwealth and we’re all excited to have them playing for us!

As such, there will be a special cover of $12 which includes the regular beginner/intermediate (your choice) Lindy Hop lesson which begins at 7:30. The band will take the stage at 8:30 and provide the tunes to keep you on the dance floor. Free refreshments and other surprises in store.

Check out for more information.

For those sticking around overnight, there’s awesome vintage clothes shopping to be had at Bygones and Halycon plus Erica’s swing dance birthday party on Sunday afternoon!

Thanks Richmond dancers for showing us all how to throw a great dance party over the years and for inviting us all to come celebrate with you.


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