Introduction to Swing, a 6 Week Series

Lindy Hopping Swing Instructors Victor Celania and Kelly Myrmoe

Starting Wednesday, April 13, the Mambo Room Latin Dance Studio will offer a six week Introduction to Swing series! Dances to be covered East Coast Swing, 1930’s Charleston, and the Lindy Hop.


Mambo Room 2200 Colonial Avenue, Suite 4, Norfolk VA 23517
Time: Wednesdays from 7:30-8:30PM
Cost: $15 per class (or $85 for six week series)


Instructors Victor and Kelly have designed classes to give those new to Swing dancing a solid foundation with which to try out this exciting dance. Students will learn the core rhythms and movements to get on the dance floor, quickly start building their skills and develop solid habits that will apply to all facets of their swing dancing!

While students will be learning moves and combinations, these movements are a means to an end – they’ll also be developing good partnered connection, frame, and learn to lead and follow from their cores, which will make the dance smooth, light and filled with fun energy.

Week 1: East Coast Swing Basics
Week 2: East Coast Swing II
Week 3: 30’s Charleston
Week 4: Lindy Hop Basics
Week 5: Lindy Hop II
Week 6: Lindy Hop III


This class is intended to present a comprehensive approach to learning the basics, so this a great opportunity to learn the concepts and pick up some seasoned advice that will help you polish what you know. Or if you’re feeling competent already, why not switch roles! Learning your partner’s role in the dance can offer great insights, as well as let you can take away tips on how to teach these dances to your friends so they can come out next time.

Instructors will also be uploading lesson recap videos for you to review and remember what you learned to the local monthly swing dance blog site,!

In the meantime, why not take a look at a couple videos of swinging dancers demonstrating how much fun this dance can be:

Invite your friends because swing and lindy are great social opportunities!  No partner is needed.  Thanks for reading, on behalf of the Mambo Room, Victor and Kelly I can say we’re looking forward to seeing everyone excel on the dance floor.


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