Lindy Luau Workshops and Beach Party Weekend – Southside Stomp style

Friday Aug. 19 – Sunday Aug. 21
2 nights of dancing, a Saturday afternoon of classes in lindy, blues, solo jazz, tap and burlesque and a Sunday full day of beach front dancing, picnicking and campfire
$35 Discounted Early Bird Registration is now open!
Follow the link to the BUY NOW and pay only $35 for the full weekend! Or pay $10 per class and $12 for the dance at the door. Housing requests coordinated by Victor Celania at
Friday, August 19

“A FUNKY BLUES BOMB” of the THE MICHAEL CLARK BAND show at Mojo Bones 8 p.m. – midnight p.m.

Mojo Bones – 9659 1st View St. Norfolk, Va
A neighborhood bar with good food, funky good blues, a concrete floor for dancing, no cover charge, free parking, and a neighborhood bar feel. Proof of 21 required.
Saturday, August 20

The Mambo Room Dance Studio (2200 Colonial Ave. Norfolk, VA 23517)

3 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Instructors: Breanna Perry, Morgan Kestner and Mike Herring

3-4:15 pm Jam on It! Solo Jazz and movement (Breanna)
It’s all well and good to learn moves and movement, but if you never use them, what’s the point? For this class, Breanna will give you some more movement to work with, and make sure you know how to incorporate it in your dancing. We’ll go through vocabulary and music phrasing, and help you feel comfortable jamming out by yourself or with others around. Come prepared to have fun!

4:15-5:15pm “Jive at 5” Charleston Routine (Breanna and Morgan)
Breanna and Morgan have put together this fun group choreography to help you add more movement and transitions to your solo jazz repertoire–but the best part? It’s all about attitude and making it your own! We’ll show you how we do it, you add your own flavor, and watch as everyone oohs and ahhs at your dancing.

5:30-6:30pm Burlesque meets Solo Blues and Charleston (Follows w/ Morgan)
Three words: Flirtatious, elegant, and sultry! In this class, Morgan is going to show you how to refine your solo blues and Charleston moves with with burlesque stylings. Everything from shimmies, graceful hands and yes… batting your eyes – you will strut out of the class with finesse (and probably turning some heads!)
-or- Dude’s Routine (Leads with Mike at the Belmont)

6:30 – 7:30pm Soft Shoe Tap for Lindy Hop Dancers (Mike)
Dig, heel, flap ball-change! Now you too can harness the power of your feet to produce rhythms like this! Tap dance has been an integral part of jazz and swing since the beginning. Mike Herring will demystify tap dancing by starting off with basic movements and working up towards more complex rhythms. Hard-soled leather shoes are recommended.

8:00 – 9:00 Beginner Lesson
9:00 – 12:30 a.m. Social Swing Dancing

Featuring DJ’s:
“Raleigh” Rob Moreland, Breanna Perry, and Morgan Kestner!
– A burlesque performance by Lucy Lipstick
– A Solo Jazz and Charleston Competition sponsored by Jammin’ on the James, Lindustrial Revolution and Southside Stomp’s own Be My Jazz Baby! Here’s a chance to win passes to some great regional events!
Afterwards, feel free to join the crowd heading over to Still Worldly Eclectic Tapas in Portsmouth for some great food and vintage cocktails in our favorite basement speakeasy.
Sunday, August 21 – LINDY LUAU!
First Landing State Park (2500 Shore Drive Virginia Beach, VA 23451) The Picnic Pavilion

2 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Food starts at 4-ish
The 2nd annual Lindy Luau beachside picnic at First Landing State Park. Enjoy the beach, dancing in the covered picnic pavilion, grilling, hiking trails, an evening campfire with smores, fire spinning, and singing/playing along to the jam session. There’s seaside camp site rentals and even children’s play equipment so why not make a vacation of it?

Bring along your coolers and something to grill and whatever else you want to eat… or bring a little extra to share!

Want to make a full summer vacation of it and spend a few days in a cabin rental relaxing before heading up to ILHC the following weekend?  For more information on the park, or the Seaside Campsite or Cabin rentals check out their website here.

Also, check out our event on Facebook to see who else is coming.

Breanna Perry teaching solo movement, jazz steps and solo Charleston.

Breanna loves pretty much everything about pretty much every vintage jazz/vernacular folk/really old/swing-era dance there is — ever. Goofy animal dances? She loves ’em! Swingin’ out hard and fast? Just try and stop her. Messing around with chuggy charleston patterns? She can’t get enough! Melty and stretchy blues dances? Long-legged peabody? fancy-footed balboa? She enjoys all of it! Also, one of her favorite things is getting the chance to share all of those favorite things with others!

In classes, she’s known to focus on technique in a nerdy way, such as comparing dancers’ arms to triangles’ hypotenuses or trying to air-graph movement intensities. Breanna’s absolute favorite, though, is when everyone just gets together to thrown down and have fun!
Morgan Lee Kestner (a.k.a. Lucy Lipstick) teaching solo movement and the art of burlesque for dancers.

Morgan says her mission as an instructor is for you to have a good experience in a lesson and be able to apply the material to your dancing. Preparation, fun material, and a happy attitude are key elements in her classes.

“Morgan is that rarest of combinations – a natural dancer AND a hard worker! Any project she begins I know will be seen through with gusto; her drive for perfection and the boundless energy of her personality infuse all that she does. Watch out for her!”
-Michael Gamble, Lindy Focus Organizer
Michael Herring teaching Soft Shoe Tap for Lindy Hop Dancers.

At age six, after watching Dick Van Dyke softshoe his way across the rooftops of London in Mary Poppins, Mike Herring strapped on a pair of tap shoes and never looked back. He studied at Swan Ballet Dance Schools in Fairfax, VA and taught tap with the University Dance Club at UVA. Since then he has been teaching at The Wilson School of Dance in Charlottesville, VA. He performed at ILHC 2008, and in 2009 he won 1st place in the Lindy Focus cabaret competition, but you remember him for his entertaining performance at Southside Stomp in February.


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