The Harlem Renaissance – Saturday, September 17th

So what do you do for fun after you’ve danced your summer vacation away at Herräng Dance Camp and thrown down this musical gem of a routine during ILHC Showcase Competitions?


You come down to Southside Stomp and teach our September lessons!
(As an aside, now watch that video a second time and concentrate on the all subtleties of their musicality. Spot on and wicked fun!)
September 17 The Harlem Renaissance!

Two intermediate classes (5:30-6:45pm and 6:45-8pm)
Beginner lesson (8-9pm)
Social Dancing 9-12:30am

$25 for both intermediate lessons and dance
$12 for beginner lesson and dance only/$10 students and military

Featuring Instructors:

Adam Lee and Elaine Silver of New York’s Swing and Dance

Adam Lee is the founder of Swing Beijing and the Beijing Big Band, and has been swingin’ since picking up saxophone and clarinet at age 7, and starting to dance in 1997. Adam has taught workshops on four continents and describes himself as a ‘Musician who also can dance.’ He thinks of the Lindy Hop as an extension of natural movement and musical interpretation. Adam is pursuing a Masters in Music Education at NYU and brings that knowledge and teaching techniques to his dance instruction.

Elaine Silver has had swing dance fever since early 2006. She was a member and organizer of Columbia University’s CU Swing, as well as dancing and choreographing for their performance troupe. She’s one of New York’s most recognizable follows due to her ability to light up a dance floor with her joyous embodiment of driving swing music and her keen vintage fashion sense.

Since partnering in August 2010, Elaine and Adam have been killing it in Big Apple, performing with the Lindy Hop All-Stars and placing in lindy competitions — 1st place in Yehoodi’s 2010 Strictly Lindy contest, 3rd in Bally’s Atlantic City Swing Skill Competition and competing in their first ILHC last month. They are currently teaching and working on live music and dance shows in the NYC area (hence the Harlem Renaissance reference).

Featured Guest DJ
We are also thrilled to welcome back our featured guest DJ (and all around awesome dancer), Philadelphia’s DJ Dan Repsch!


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