180, it’s the new 150 (beats per minute, that is)!

Southside Stomp proudly presents it’s Harlem Renaissance with Adam Lee and Elaine Silver, Sat. Sept. 17.

For those following trends in the lindy hop world, it’s no surprise that, like hem lines, tempos have been going up, up, up over the last few years.

Leads, has this ever happened to you?

Follows, have you ever worried that your swivels are less than fresh and might be leaving your partners unsatisfied?

Yes, tempos have quickened as the Hot Jazz of the 1920’s and contemporary groups like Baby Soda, The Loose Marbles, Drew Nugent and the Midnight Society are becoming more popular and the slower groovy tunes you heard at dances a few years back are now largely gathering dust. One need look no further than Gordon Webster’s first and latest albums to see the trend.

So how do you step up your game to this new challenge? Southside Stomp has got just the cure for you hep cats!

That’s right, Lee and Silver of New York, New York will be in Norfolk, Virginia next weekend!

Saturday, September 17th
2 classes (5:30-6:45pm and 6:45-8pm)
Look us up on Facebook.

One featured class, Energy vs. Tempo, will be geared towards making sure your swing outs stay crisp, swift and effortlessly swinging no matter how fast the tempos! Whether you want to dance to quicker music, or just learn to dance more efficiently to tempos that now leave you gassed like a Studebaker running on fumes and sweating like Al Capone talking to the Feds, this class is for you!

Because as photographer Amanda Stevens so perfectly captures, no matter how fast the tempo, your dancing should always have enough time and grace for that personal expression of “Fa-Pow!”


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