Why I Travel to Dance and Be With My Dance Family on New Years

We love to display flyers for dance events in other cities and encourage locals to travel, meet new friends and share great dance experiences. We were thrilled that many Southside Stomp regulars were amongst the 800 dancers in Asheville this past week for their 10th annual Lindy Focus dance camp.

The highlight of every Lindy Focus is their elegant New Year’s Eve dance; this year with a wonderful show choreographed by NYC’s Evita Arce and dancing to the Boilermaker Jazz Band and Jonathon Stout and his Orchestra. In my tuxedo, custom-made lapel pin and 100 year old vintage top hat, I had the great privilege of unlocking the front door and being the first face that welcomed the crowd of people, some of whom had spent months searching for just the right gown, suit, purse or hat or learning to tie a bow tie, into the ballroom. The excitement and celebration in the air was magical.

With 31 teachers, 4 bands, and 7 contests over 4+ days, Lindy Focus throws the most swinging New Year’s Eve bash in North America. Still there are plenty of lindy hoppers in the world who also love spending their New Year’s at Stockholm, Sweden’s annual Snowball with their 26 teachers, 5 bands, and 5 competitions over the same number of days.

This year, Lindy Focus’s playful MC, Andrew Thigpen, decided to send Happy New Year greetings from Lindy Focus to Sweden. On the first day of camp he returned from The Dollar Store with colored paper, crayons and markers and dancers sat on the carpet in the hotel lobby and hand drew cute Happy New Year cards, which Andrew overnighted to Sweden. The following afternoon, Lindy Focus camp organizers received Happy New Years wishes back from Sweden in the form of this youtube video, which they broadcast onto the large screen for the full camp to see…

Andrew and the Lindy Focus camp then responded back on December 30th by sending this video, which was shared with their full dance camp in Sweden…

I was so thrilled to be amongst my global lindy hop family on New Year’s Eve and I wish all of you find similar joy in your dancing and lives over the coming year.


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