The Big Apple! Brought to you by the Southside Stomp (and friends)! March 10th and 17th

The Big Apple is a popular circle and partnered jazz dance originating in South Carolina in the beginning of the 20th century and immortalized by Frankie Manning and Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers in the 1939 film Keep Punching. It looks like this…

Just how BIG is the Big Apple?

So big, we couldn’t fit it all into one Southside Stomp, so we’ve invited all our Virginia lindy hop friends to join the fun!
Richmond’s 2nd Saturday Swing (Saturday, March 10th)
Richmond’s RASS and Usual Lindy Suspects start the party off at 6 pm when Trey Gomes and Valerie Hargis teach the 1st half of the routine before their monthly Second Saturday Swing.

Norfolk’s Southside Stomp
(Saturday March 17th)

6 – 8 pm We’re proud to welcome back Swing Cville’s Michael Herring to teach the second half.

8 – 9 pm Our beginner’s introductory class. No parter or experience necessary.

9 – 1 am DJ’ed social dancing at Hampton Roads monthly swinging lindy hop social… featuring DJ’s Andy Nishida and Valerie Hargis.

$12 gets you both lessons and the dance / $10 with student or military ID

What’s that? You can only make one class? Well heck, half a Big Apple is still WAY more fun than no Big Apple. Come on down and dance twice as awesome to the part you can learn.


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